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Ninte’s Poetry

Indie Love

I want that
numbing feeling
that pushes men

to dream of gods
to make fine art
and from fear depart

I want warmth

Dim suns

on those nights
when the light
leaves all sparks
and dolphins
swim with sharks
do you not wish
once more for the brief
release freedom brings
for to master the mind
is to enslave the heart

Clutter Free

be more than a shadow
than a shape
in the crowd

las night I heard
the whisper of wisdom
she had owl wings
and bled pure wine

no Title

why do I not
grow as they grow
why have never really
been told “I love you”

because I’m a frog
no Prince deep beneath
peace is the wind
and desire, the sea

Waves kiss the shore

sandy dreams
and desert streams
broken, sweet
swift release

all the thunder
in the sky
can not compete
with oceans brief


never fall up
always rise down
do not pursue contemplation
simply try to understand

the forces are within
strength, and every bold thing
lie not to yourself
shuffle every season

the Hue

I used to be sweet
kind, I still am
sober not still

I used to feel
then swallowed my heart
I choke and I spit
it still comes not out


love is for all
sorrow for none
roses are dead
once they leave the earth

beauty is brief
joy not as sweet
I write in my head
but type when I wish

Pain helps me sleep

Do not pursue euphoria
she is a dream
that triggers dementia

be two-sided like the gemini
dance the walk of gods
on a path of roses
always wonder,
but never ask why


what good is
a thousand thrones
when, you have
no love in your bones

alone with my fears
so I shed no tears
I dance close to rainbows
but know not the sun

Wild Love

I know nothing
of the taste
of a yearning kiss
upon my lips

all my lovers
have been wild and brief
curious and unfaithful
desire is a cliff

When the wind blows

my troubles dance
beneath the clouds
I fear the rain
but love her sound

my angst revolves
round and around
the hill that is
my soul, pressed down

The oldest game

a thing of make-believe
is what inspires men to give
their passions and their pain
their worship
oft in shame

the righteous
are but sheep
and sinners, herders weak
my soul and I choose this
… to find only what we seek

Mandala Maiden

your heart is a
digital potrait
of love, and design
crafted by the very
mind that causes the
sky above, to smile

more than everything
is what you mean
to simple odd me
more than the force
that, causes my soul
to stand firm
you are my gravity

on this day
of your birth’s anniversary
if not, to feel anything
know that I, would do all
and more for you
break the sun
and tame the moon
… and all else you seek
just for you

With from OG. Happy Birthday!

whisper good tidings

pick your words
do your part
you know your role
you have from the start

be a cold soul
do it all, and
let the pain go
be the cold bow
from which the seed
that is the truth
as an arrow
in the air
lets its wings show

African Gangstar

all is fair
in love and code
you push a block
you bless the node

the source is pure
the rewards, endless
to make your pay
you fight relentless

Mad Digital

Verse 1

i write code
and speak to gods
i move with mad dogs
and give out hugs
but its all not still enough
yes we build
on mountains rough
but where is all the gain

all i see is pain
all i see is numb
each day is all the same
the hunger for a name
the hunger for the fame
what does it all matter
we will still
hit the dust
either way
one day


we all worship
a digital god
every sinner in the temple
one and the same

it dont matter your name
it dont matter your game
we all offer data
on the altar of the internet

Verse 2

what it all mean
its like we are in a movie
and its all too good
to be truly true

its like we are in a zoo
and the keeper is a warden
god, is this true of you too

its probably not that deep
probably much more steep
this could be a videogame
one we cannot win

no role models
and we got this far
and we built this star
we are the final contellation
in a sky with a scar

–who be me–

me, be a lonely king
I’ve got the gold
in bulk

and more is on the way
I look to the day
I have me children
with souls as warm
as the desert snow

I used to be a writer
I used to be a fighter
I used to be like water
always, steady on the flow

now I work for more
of the same, of the same
old glory

in the end
the world, will
watch my holy story

–full plate–

lie to yourself
feed on your soul

there will always
be one spoon of truth
even after
the last bite


I make art
do you even care

I work like gods
would do

do you taste the air

I carve for you
from hills of hue

all for a reflection
of your soul,
that’s past due


sudo! the power of words
power of truth
you know
we one and the same
all of the youth


land of the free
that once held slaves
home of the brave
yet full of knaves

who would have thought
you would fall so low
you fought for liberty
and sold your soul

–not your son–

send me to die
and I will rise
an angel
out of the dust

look, I dont like
my word is double-edged
and has never known rust

you think you can
bully me, into the weak
man you want

I aint your son
my word is born
its heat does rival the sun

–home of the weak–

what does the fate
of young men, dead
taste like

I say disgrace
cause, black aint
meant to die

I say you know
what your sin
looks like

god help my soul
if, for my people
I wont fight

–spit it out–

nobody will hold
your darkened hand
up, out of the cold

in case you have not heard
this story has been told

we are the children of Ham
born of the dust. So damn!

there is pity for us
they have to earn our trust


there is no messiah
for a preacher
with no choir

there is no salvation
for a people
with no nation

black, was just a colour
till our crimson
blood did pour

I am no messiah
I write hymns
with no choir

–flaky whispers–

a cig a day
addiction away

maybe six
maybe less
never more

I am the solemn truth
bitter strength,
marked by dark desire

blunt to the root
for no one cares
to kiss my fire

strange I am called
all claim to know
the path I walk

I am a broken truth
a drunked preacher
a sinful choir

–a dead vein–

what brings no pain
what tastes the same
weakness, indeed
each single day

what can not play
what must one pay
power, indeed
each, every way


tobacco leaves
drowning in liquor
good men
can not know stupor

for to be foolish
is to be evil
is to be
other than good
in self-purity, relish


haiku superior
my flow is injurious
poetry, what I be
my flow is
far from superfluous

I burn tobacco
on a Sunday
on a Burnday
cause that’s just my way

–lover’s playground–

underneath a full moon
three groups
six hearts
some full of gravity
two truly flown
one unknown

I would move the earth
but you would not
then it did seem
you feared to love
he whom love, knew not

he whom fate forgot
when she coupled stars
and bond oceans together

–my word is born–

I drink smoke
but never choke
making money cold
never broke

I listen to
the prophecies
spoken, by unbelievers
they hold more truth
than most of these
modern deceivers


I am no cold soul
no lifeless cadaver
why treat me so
like a worthless whomever

a poet filled with pain
an artist filled with shame
must I keep quiet
like a sky, with no weather


will you be first player
the slayed, or slayer
on the battlefield
of love. I enquire

laid to waste
have I been
I feel so much
but cannot scream


to her I am desire
pure, full of fire
liking she can
love though - Oh never

the first was vain
the current is clever
her cloaks remain the same
how shall I expire

–sweet desires–

you taste like
pain, you tireless
lover. Only you remain

all I wanted was to help
why must I be broken
to you bound
ever yoken


I dance
around the fire
of greatness
and youth

it’s shadow
is immense
it’s loneliness
is couth

alone I dance
in wonder
who would kiss
a dragon’s tooth

–mic test–

one, two, three
who is sicker
than the rapper
who I be

grime star, for a sec
git king now

went off the internet
like social networks
for a github repo

its all kinda funny
cause now I code
for money, bliss
and poetry

who would
have thought…


power is not a thing to sought
of bought like a corrupt vote
it is not a thing to be sold
it not a thing to be abused
it is taken by the bold

i am no perfect man
my sins are electric
but i know, god knows i know
that our path to redemption
lies not in aging men
or foolish parties
but in the order that comes
from the mistakes children
are permitted to make

my stake i claim
even if it will cause
the skies to quake
even if it will make
men lesser shake

even if it will cause
the children of nubia strong
to fall on rocks
and scream in pain
for the truth
can prove like ice in the vein

i do not fear
the end or repercussion
for my voice must be heard
and my soul must rise and kiss the sky
like a golden dark cloud


what is art
but soul, in part
but rivers flowing
and suns born dark

what is love
but feelings warm
dark as fate
both odd and bright

>> Ninte © 05-2019


i laugh
i teach
my heart lacks speech

i move
i grow
me, pain does reach

you did nothing
and that was everything
a new sorrow
you did teach

>> Ninte © 02-2019

Sinner boy

you left before you came
how funny
the pain still tastes the same
all I wanted
was a soul
to soothe the pain

how childish
desire, this ancient game

>> Ninte © 02-2019


what is worse
than love unreturned
what hurts more
than sins not forgiven

a poem unread…
a heart simply walking away
from you. Without ever
caring to say why

>> Ninte © 03-2019


no one knows
the mountain of pain
I climb each day
I smile either way

so alone an island of stone
surrounded by
other rocks

ships never
kissing my docks

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Ghana girl

come over when
the sun falls, and
makes love with the sky
so we can do the same
by and by

we do not have to try
love is cliche
let us just exchange
a bit of body heat
for a couple …

>> Ninte
© 02-2019


I am not a player
but a pussy slayer
I’m a gladiator
call me Blacktacus

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Cold bed

dare to have some
fun, foreign lover
dare to sin in style
and make love
everywhere but the bed
for a while

you do not sleep
with me, you meet
my soul

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Electric Blunt

we can not hurt us
I shall not kill me
except safe, it will save thee
my lost family
from blunt stupidity

you do not need a matyr
you need to understand
that life, is no satire
no comedy of reflections
if we are to awaken
we must rise up
and kiss the dust no more

>> Ninte
© 02-2019


come people
listen to the thunder
listen to the power
the angels scream and cower

we will hide no longer
we knock on heaven’s door
give us what you owe
black blessings, and some mo’

god must blink today
for we shall see our way

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

The African

I am first of my name
ignorant of shame
I do not desire fame
so I shall not play the game

listen, and beware
for a lion is born
straight from the Nation
of Nubian royality and
a Noble history

this revolution
will not be marginalised

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

This I know

I am not desired
I am not
sought out, for
reasons of love
or even of affection

those who care,
hardly stay for long
they want to change me
but my soul proves too strong

no one has ever loved me
like a poet needs to be loved
like a flower needs to be kissed
like a snowy mountain
needs to be one with the sky

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Moist & cozy

what type of energy
is created when we
lock our youthful lips

what form of motion
is birthed when we
twist our hungry hips

a moist and cozy
celestial locomotion
this I know for sure

>> Ninte
© 02-2019


how do I pimp my butterfly
how do I kill the caterpillar
that is all love does see
as though its face, is me

I guess I am Afrofly
beautiful enough to be desired
too high, maybe to reach
money can not buy love
this, my wallet just did teach

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Gold, sweat and milk

come at me
come at me
throw all your stones
you can not stop my progeny

I did this for the G*S*M
Gold, sweat, milk
I did just to be
the Am I Am

look into my keyhole
tell me, do you smell a soul?

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Watermelon sins

red is the colour
of my ecstasy
dotted with a bit of
black fantasy

will you sin with me?
will you dare to see
my version of reality

babe, you know you should
my cup tastes sweet

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Sober, LOL

I do not know
I do not care to
understand why hearts
beat as they do

fuck who you will
love who you shall
sobriety kill
keep thee far from me

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

Story story

I have told a lie
never have I known
the wonders, of a soul
wrapped around my heart
at night

I have told a truth
what poet could ever be
any sort of virgin
I have slept with gods
… alright

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

He is coming soon

she wanted me pure
for my own good
fed me soul food
taught me not to brood

but the peace was passing
the joy confusing
not for lack of effort
but for loss of truth

>> Ninte
© 02-2019


can you miss
what it is, you have
never had? Can you want
to kiss lips, that do not want you

I do not, know
why my lot is so
I hunger for the moon
yet walk upon the sun

>> Ninte
© 02-2019


I have nothing to say
I am not ashamed
a man, I have become
my own way, have I paved

love should bless
whom love deems worthy
leave me to my gold and mist
leave me to my old smoke’s gist
I am not ashamed

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

F*ck It

live for the liquor
and bold dreams
love, when love will have you
smoke every other time

my flame is now electric
my nicotine, I sip
in liquid form
youth is young, only ever once

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

truth be told

what is a man
without his flaws
what is a god without sin

how does one
buy a blessing
do you think gods are men

boom, a new world comes
i am a prophet of peace
but the price of pain
is a deal, too sweet

i am the oddest
son of apollo
he gave me the
mind of the sun

and then left me on my own
like everyone does

commented out, i fight the shout
that builds up in my destiny
my ink is electric
my only fear is me

>> Ninte
© 02-2019

#commentedOut #gitConfessions

heart song

silence is the sound of power
i must contain my
youthful misery

so what, if i have never known love
so what, if i am seen as strange
why care when i can change the world
and write each day, a brand new page

i must listen to my heart sing
oh how faint its sound now is

i must build echo
like ashes grown to tall wild flame

my new resolve

i will hold my heart
in my left hand
far away from love
i must work now,

i will be the king
i have feared to be
i care not if i can
or should, in verity

Me, Moi - Oui

i am one of three
love, trust, and belief
are all you need to see
my tri-reality

i have fallen, time and again
i am whipped
by my own hand
it firmly grips
an ancient chain

but no more.
Look, you will see
… that is all

vino & ‘bacco

my way is mine
i paid my time
greatness for me
for you, for us, for we
i do not lie
… really

i caress my demons
they are more than tame
now, they bow
i like the red, and the brown
maybe cause
i am a child of the earth
and i bleed up,
never down

half closed

babylon is gone
the glorious have risen
we move when we dream
we rise with the angels

have you heard
the whisper, of a
tale half closed
come close. Listen

on guard

art is war
do you not believe
you fight your soul
just to birth a dream

if you want to be good
be wicked first
the pure dilutes
the weak repent

give & take

I seek not fame
but to make a name
love and pain
they both taste the same

you sang of want
need and desire
made me parched
with your ancient fire

I hunted fate
you hunted a mate
we both did get
each, what we required


I am an old mind
you are a young star
you think in rosy
colours of wonder

you could never love me
for I detest reality
does that make me a baby?
my simple love for vanity


you were the moon
and I, the sun
one-eyed, broken
and full of fear

you took my mind
and gently kissed
away all pain,
every ugly care

and for that
I praise you
where the gods seat

in the sky,
the kingdom of air

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we are odd
as a glitch rainbow
that’s why, queens
dream, when we say so

we are digital Freuds
our mentality
is hot as fuego
our spirituality is firm
you must know

we are the children
of tomorrow

We Are At 4K Lines


I need me a poet
a pretty rose
black, with a heart
and skin of gold

to walk with me as
I will conquer oblivion
someone, bold
wise enough to love truly


I will open up
being successful and alone
is painful, stressful
you can not know
how it hurts
… to the bone

I need no pity
I need no love
all I want is warmth
a heart to nurse my mind
and comfort

I Said

I am not a player
I am a lover
who happens to like games

no two hearts are the same
you sing out my name
when we dance the dance
of the moon and the stars

I only want warm love
you said, I said

King Talk

move like you speak
man is a lion
not a mouse
so man will no longer squeak

pride, this is not
hide, I can not
for my destiny is more ablaze
than the tip of the sun
in the sky


to each his own
to birds, flight
to gods, night
to men, fright

when you the sun falls
I rise up, I take off
I take what’s mine
I hustle & break hearts

Bad guy

i have never loved
i have been loved
i have never fought
i have been fought for

i am white gold
and my lovers are the
night sky
… breaking every rule
i am rare and bold

I love JavaScript

that yellow streak
on my G*thub repo
gives me joy
makes me leap

i am a warrior
of the digital order
i will master this sword
before lifting any other



heading to the city
coming from the jungle
I will be a King
do you not hear
my words rumble

the road is not the journey
the path is not the way
I know this, and can say
much more
but not today


yes, indeed
I know what I need
not belief alone
I have planted the seed

yes, indeed
I know why I bleed
not for joy alone
but for the war ahead

Her Words

his mind is sweet
it tastes like
wine and poetry
fire and history

his soul is something
else entirely
wild, yet sweet still
it could build or kill

terminal maestro

I am a different kind of person
I think in color, and breathe in static
My people are electric

We come from the planet
… after Pluto, and
love machines beautiful
We have souls prone to changes
When we push and pull our hearts

We are of the race, digital && bohemian
I am a coder, my lovers are alien

CTRL+C : that is all

deviant developer

i am a coder, yes
me no like stress, yes

man used to be
mighty mighty anxious
used to hunt steady
for that nicotine fix

i am a coder, yes
me no like stress, yes

i need no more
to smoke, or fear
i can still be different
while breathing clean air



the art, the artist
love, and lovers
all exist
to feel, to be

the brave
should never fear
to be free


never whisper
your dreams

never offer
your soul, for
no price at all

it is worth, so
much more

haiku samurai

can i make you wet
in two or three words
i must regain, my control
over the syllable slim

poetry brief, is bold

the citadel


a taste of greatness
was what i first sought
when i got into the citadel

a taste of meekness
is all i still seek
to rise up, from where
i once fell

aqua vita

water is life
i know no more strife
i have wedded peace
she brings me new life

each time that we tangle
heart with soul
flesh with skin
i learn more of wisdom

we make love
sweet, sublime


i cannot promise you joy
for i yet still learn it
the road to strength, to truth
is full of labour and wrath

if you still choose to love
by all means continue along
just beware, i am more used to
the anxiety of vigour
than being under love’s stupour

i will teach you, heal you, give you
drops of warmth and wisdom
from the sun and way beyond
that is all i can offer, in place of love



prophet prophecy
prophet tell a lie
prophet tell me why

i beg for redemption
but i am denied entrance
to the kingdom in the sky

i ought to speak positive
i am a member of the throne of heaven
do not ask me how, or why

i hardly sleep now

i code when i wake up
i dream in JavaScript
i scream into the terminal
that is my mind

that is how i push these poems
my own self-prescribed
literary pills

i do not strive to feel
the feelings come yet still
i know now, not to think
of them, at all, as real

gemini choices


weakness is not a choice
not an option anymore
you cannot climb great mountains
just at the peak, to fall

you think you are so different
from great minds born before
they all did watch their demons roar
then beat them to the floor

black stoic

i must withdraw
and only wisely pursue sensation
for i am too inclined
to quick gratification

this is a thing,
that springs from the virility
of youth, of man
of passions held down

i must look at my soul
and force it to look at me

bohemian prophecy

the African

confident as a lion
i will no longer shave my mane
to claim one is a king
and then to fall, are not the same
i must be what i choose to be
… do what i have to,
to do what i want to

dotcom money

i code for the art of it
write, for the love of it
love, for the act of it
work for a simple reason
for the feel of paper cheddar on skin


i have a tough yet simple
relationship, with the Creator
my Creator, a creation
probably, of his Creation

when in the godzone
i think in colour
and dream in odd numbers
i want to be blessed, so
the universe I address

zero hero

not a saint, kind of godly
the first i sigh for
the second, i pray for
i collect every drop of strength
i have tossed into the universe
for She tells me, it should not
frighten my soul anymore
that i am old enough to love her now


smile when you see me
darling react. Yes, really
dare to make me feel


jungle BY Ninte

no more white lies


what or who, do you worship
are you brave enough
to love the broken, and rough
bad gyal you claim to be
you wild lies have no teeth

come at me, test a poet warrior
twist and combine your thighs with mine
let us erupt an artistic volcano
my mind is a rabid ocean
you will not survive in your canoe

  • Ninte ::: JUL-08-018

a million

can honesty fit
in a tight, five-lined haiku
thoughts roar in me

  • Ninte ::: JUL-08-018


she said, she was not a queen
she claimed she was too dirty-minded
to be that within
she did not believe my lies

i am no saint
a crown does not mean honesty
i told her honestly
everything i did see
that her vanity was far deeper
than the oceans, than any sea

  • Ninte ::: JUL-08-018


i feel the weakness
of my wrong decisions
it will be dealt with
without resolutions

i will redeem my fire
the strength that i desire
it will come to me
as surely as blessings
from clouds on high

enter my universe


i do not want a girlfriend
that’s childish
i want a lover
that’s grown sh!t

i want my moon
to tickle a star
i want a sun
to wrap around
my cold heart
and kiss me with warmth



love is for the brave
and the brave don’t sleep
… the brave don’t keep
what they don’t need to
… the brave don’t weep



we dance close to the sun
nearer to the moon though
for love is lunacy
and a heavenly fantasy

but i can promise nothing
i am darker than eternity
the joy of life, the pain of love
sound alike to me


to speak to my readers
the young and bold
of desire, would be
to preach to the choir

we seek in the hearts
of our lovers, nothing but warmth
in the lips of our heart-throbs
a liquor pure and hot
between the thighs
of our flings, something nice

july 5th 2018

every time thunder
kisses the night sky
the stars shift with grace
i hear the heavens sigh

two perfect lovers
one inconsistent, shy
one dark and sure
their love, both bold and pure

pipe no longer smokes

the moniker holds no meaning
games are for the weak
a name is nothing to play with
i bear mine, and lose no sleep

shall i speak of love

when a boy
I wanted a father

now a man
I search for a lover
one to bless with kisses
of philosophy and bliss

a warm soul
like no other

when i was low


i am great

i whisper in my mind
all alone in the universe
but i am just a teen

i am great

i want to believe
as i write this
i am alone on a field

i am great

but my worth is in the stars
and i am on earth
on dust and stone, far from home

i am great

but who cares in truth
o breathe in smoke
to ease the pain

i am great

but talk too much
but feel too much
will this gravitated pain, ever stop


next and first
time i make love
it will be beneath the sky
on an elevated level
the simple will call a roof

i will be high
on a love potion
of wine and lean
i will forever afterwards
become of poetry, a god


on a wire line
seem at peace, and very kind
they seem so happy

calmer than stone

my special yellow pill
makes me hungry
and inclined to sleep
makes me inclined to weep

if i were a bird
i would never fly.
even with wings
larger than the sky
i would be too shy to fly

no one understands me
so i will withdraw
not into a shell, that is but hell

solid i shall be
i know nothing yet

of the true me

just zip it

why speak

i seem weak
even with my
metal soul
even with
my liquid heart

my mind is broken
i have pushed my
muse away. What
else need be spoken

silence breathes

i need to be
who i am, really
i have to be
who i am not, really

lock away
my beautiful
ordinary ways
silence raves

zip it, lock it, toss it

baby please forgive
me for my folly
you did no

i am just
a man of worry
i slip as i grieve

life choices

got me here

so i do not care
cannot have a fear
when to no one
i am truly dear

i am brave i know
for i can call
and dismiss
my soul

dry heart

my blood is cool,
a beautiful type
of eager drudgery

my love is an edged,
crooked type
of honest pottery

polymath blues

i do too many things
i wear upon my head
holy banded rings

enough crowns
can cripple the mind
and turn an able king
into the loudest
of clowns


i know not
how to smile
without misery
how to paint a lie
light and lovely

right and justly
have i
been treated, fairly
by the forces
of love. Here i sigh


i burn away
this night, this day
all shame - the way
i once did
choose to sway

i ignite within
the torch of truth
i shall wear it bold
upon my soul’s
very cold, tooth

Mark My Words

If I ever left a permanent mark on my skin because of you
Then know I loved you
Know that you hurt me and disappointed
Know that each mark represents every time you left me
Know that you’re killing me without even knowing it


not for food
but for prophecy

no to be loved
but to give greatly

not for money
but for blessed glory

in the storm

blazing, truly amazing
in the cold, yet still bold
i no longer subscribe
to all the lies that they told

that i might not be that great
that i have to stop low
… to suckle on my fate

they will not soon know
the wonder that i birth
and then when they do
they will plead, but waste breath

i have lost the cocoon

mad butterfly free

kaleidoscope fantasies
keep a broken prophet afloat
keep my ever sharpened
dagger-like mind
off my soul’s throat

hey there

girl who ran away
when i simply
wanted to fetch a shirt or two
from off, the unisex dorm clothe line

i can not blame
you. It was midnight
i was in a tracksuit and a dark hat
plus i walk deadly

i know, i do

that i am great
that i hold my fate
in the same hand
i construct this poetry with

like a soul with
a one-eye mind
i should not debate
with the guard, of
my blackened heart’s gate

what she said

called me a loner

close friend of the muse
i am still inclined to adore

even when she
leaves me in my agony for him
i can trust
she believes i can be more

called me boring

when i think in every colour
of the most twisted monochromatic rainbow

i do not try to repent
of the anguish that i repress
for even gods weep
and some still have much fear

wait for my hair to grow

then you will know
the manner of
this ancient bloody flow
this beauty that is my pain

that boy you thought was nothing
that genius you left, with no loving
you will learn that i am golden
broken, wavy and holy

rainy days

sorry, nah

to everybody
to nobody, sincerely
aint apologizing

for shit you dont like
for love you dont have
bye-bye one minute darling


for a year
clean blood for two
no toxins or nothing
no lean or nothing
no nicotine

thats something

so you hear
i have no fear
with a cross on my wrist
i cant stand fake gist
cause Christ didnt die for eish

thats something


shadows in my brain
mock my pain
and again

i must refrain
from breathing propane
if i keep thinking fire insane
i might pop a mental vein


is for the hopeful
i am too inclined to holy folly
i know my sins
are not that gnarly

am i to be saved
or be repraved


can save me
change me

not even
the cold hands
of a former lover

can save me
change me



the world is simple
i know this, deep within i fear
the game has changed
the new altar is the internet

blood is not african polite
so data be the sacrifice
do you pray in mb
or in gigabytes


what if you were a king
or a queen with a crown and a ring
what if you were a royal
with friends like family, loyal

what if you were invisible
an intellectual, lost amid the chaos
what if you were simple
would you not still be african

grow from negro
to negus for your negast

why i smoke

to choke
the pain within me …
to stroke
the heart of my humanity

i no longer feel
the blessed touch of vanity
i am indifferent now
i no longer need to
puffs … smoke


when a soul
like mine i saw
i felt some joy
but life is coy

my new muse
is a regal woman
no simple child
a true human

new week


on a high stallion
went to secure
the blessings
of Saint Nico

at the edge
of the group
in a room
i feel the gloom


has mystique
a quality
regal like cleo

blinds a normal man
melanin blessed
by the African sun

bread and water

that feeling of being artistic
that borders on madness,
far from realistic

that makes the simple
to feel they are kingly
that waters pure folly
and ruins humanity

it now haunts me
shall i fall or stand

that feeling of being artistic
that helps the weak
feel strong, and more than heroic

that makes the broken
rise and scream prophecy
that trims off all evil
from the soul of man

it now haunts me
shall i fall or stand

east to west

Just right

I’m not even sure how all this ties up,
To make sense but it feels right,
With knees to the ground and eyes up,
It just feels right.

With every mistake made and repeated,
Lessons not learnt and mind undefeated,
Repentance, repentance, secreted,
It all feels just right.

Encounter upon departure,
Departure upon merger,
Tightly-knit circles,
Now this, this feels quite right.

Loyalty to betrayal,
There’s never a round for trials,
Only those that are tribulations,
The test run is the actual situation,
Calculate your risks,
Even if you don’t,
At some point,
You can get used to anything,
It will all feel just right.

How to cook pride

Chop it into pieces,
Stir it up in a bowl,
Boil it,
Sprinkle a spice here, a tear there,
Marinade it in justification and excuses,
Preheat your Dutch oven
that is you ever-so-accurate mind,
With a side of your largest ego,
You can butter the pan with the
lies that you tell yourself,

Fry it if you want,
Deep-fry it in the depth
of all the disappointment,
As the snaps of their heart
breaks echo from the fire,

After you have done all this,
Or whichever you please,
You may swallow it.
And wash it down with a tall glass
of that ice-cold heart.

Power to will

Is the power of willpower,
The power to will your mind into
selectively choosing what is right for you,
Even when what is right for you
is not what is easy for you,
Even when what is right for you
might not be what is good for you,
At the time,
Even when what is right for you
might just be what brings you pain,
Even when what is right for
might not actually be right for you but right for,
Him, for her, for them.

The power to will your mind
into choosing tomorrow over today,
To look up from your screen
so you can see the bigger picture.

Get to know you

The most fun I have ever had
is getting to know me,
For me,
Through me,
Through God.

My likes, my dislikes,
My path …
Without the pressure and noise
from the buzzing of notifications,
Without justifying me
and actually being true to me.

Without feeling the need
to be complemented by anything or anyone,
Rushed by anything,
Compared, measured,
Genuinely living for me,
It is like an extra Sunday to the week,
Like the extra five minutes in the morning,
Like always being on top of your own peak,
And like the nightingale, I will sing,
The song of my rejoice that need not be sung,
For it is its own anthem.

lost heroes

artsy heart

life is a tart
i doubt that i have
eaten one

yet still
imagine it apart

all torn up
in front of you
showing you secrets
what do you do

yet still
imagine it apart

how do you do
what you should do
seems like life
is fucked from the start

yet still
imagine it apart

life is like an egg
i eat these often
they are good for the heart


proud dropout

picked letting my sis
grow smarter, over
some dumb paper

i was top of a division
of a form, they made cause
i studied maths and history

got first place, first term
then left


eastern city flows

i lived in the land
of ndizi and chapati
i am a wanderer
i am not just talking
sipigi kelele

i laugh as i write this
confused just as i was
back then when life was
much simpler, when ties
were held up with smiles,
instead of lies


tape covered notes

with you did i
first know love
intimate and timid
with you did i
first know loss


peacock soul

watch me dazzle

i walk the simple way
of an angel, that does not pray
i know my path
i move now with decision

cut at my folly like a surgeon
you might not believe this
you who judge me

i do so too
i also think my mind is ugly
indifference saved me
from you and i
taught me not to blink, as i fly



my hair is messy now
in an afro frown
with nappy curls
pure as the first
african god’s smile

bless me whomsoever
is in charge of it all
i feel free, without worry


sleep like death

forget the title
this is a happy poem
this is a mental totem

i sleep like my soul
is more than exhausted
i have had to ignore Saint Nico
his once holy kiss
now poisons


long sleeves

i feel like the chains
i painted on my skin
have washed away

the sweat and blood
of murdered dreams
beat loud enough within
me, to awaken my soul


song of modern icarus

i fall then
to repent

do not go
too close to angels
their lovers
tend to fall


be not deceived

i am far from common
i am near genius
i am a creator
i build and destroy

i am not a boy
a man was i from birth
i never had a childhood
i thought with
too much depth


maybe this is meant to be

maybe i am meant
to be alone and godly
maybe i am meant
to have no one to love me
maybe i am more
than ugly - but dont know this

maybe maybe maybe



the wash

life is but a journery
taken by the brave
and emotionally weak

i would say
like a rollercoaster too
but i have never been on one


drowning happy

wash your soul
in the rivers
of euphoria

eat like a baby
feel wavy
learn your weaknesses
then train your demons


reason to fly

do i need
in truth, a reason to fly
do i need
in truth, a reason to lie

to myself
to my mother
to my father
to my lover: to be

why can i not
like the ugly, just be


achy breaky heart

i know why girls
think i am rare
but common

it is cause
i drag my clouds
through the dust

so they think i
am but a pretty baked morsel
with no crust


five simple minds

dark web

what is life, what is love
tell me if you know
what’s a crow, what’s a dove
tell me if you know

the way a beat does wrap itself around a soul, if you know tell me if you know

all we can ever do,
is ride low there is no black
son of god, no dark apostle

but i hold it not against any religion you see, its all supertition

what if god lives in the internet that is heaven’s best bet


prince turned king

I remain hidden in fluctuating
shades of grey and black

Horrified by the slaughter of my people
Horrified by the slaughter of my kind

I remain hidden for fear of my demise
And with pain I watch as my father is also

The crown falls from atop his head
immediately I’m sure he is dead
Cause the African holds on to the crown till death

Still in motion the crown
finds my hiding place and
stops it’s movement at my feet

I was a prince but now I am king


fool no more

i am a fool no more
life is cool no more
i stare at reality
angry and calm

i count my sins
they climb up to the stars.
nothing soothes
no one can choose
the darkness of their soul

momma wants me to be holy
poppa just wants me to be
yet he is never around me

there is no one to ease
i seek no longer to please


save me

no one at all
i desire nothing now
but to bask
in the silence of my sin
what say you
will you come too …


grinning sinner

rare mirth

i hardly laugh
why should i
i am too weak to cry
how could i

i seek gold in mines of coal
i heal, then rip apart my soul

poetic i would claim, i be
when in truth
i am a prophet
peddling vanity


beggar piper

i hold a gift
nay, many
i could have all
yay, any

but i fall for i am weak
i beg when i should preach
stutter when i could teach
the blind, of hell’s true peak


the silent path

should have been more
i seek joy’s true door
pain, the heavens pour
on my heart’s very floor

no one understands
that is the girdle
of my confusion,
the girth of my delusion



am i a black panther
is there anything royal about me
all the tanzanite in my soul
who can see …

i fall into the darkness of sin
yet feel godly
is there a cure for humanity
let me drink it,
and fall sound asleep …



do not fight
the demons that you see
the pain within your soul
your sorrows turned to joy
the world is just too cold

do not fight
the love you know to doubt
whisper and then shout
the gods are too asleep
to help you out

do not fight
who you know you are
you could be a star
or a blackhole
either way, you are in the sky

do not fight
what helps you remember
you are made of gold
who cares if no one cares
wipe away your tears

do not fight
the colours on your soul
the red that proves you are bloody
the black that is your mind
the green that is your flag

do not fight
the pointlessness of life
there is no rhythm to reality
no one will sing your song
till you claim it is your anthem


dirty high

almost fell off
the last cloud
heaven loaned me

my sin was bold
my sorrow deep
i croaked to cough
and gasped to weep

my weakness
is why she left me


black panther

man be an urban warrior
code on the cloud
in the internet corridor

github @Usheninte
cause i am the new Kunta Kinte
a negus like Selassie

the green in my heart
the gold around my soul
the black be melanin

… the hue of blessed sin
… ‘pon my pagan skin
not every apple gets to be a tart



tainted heart

they are the angels
and i the demon

the blighted son of Helen
even when good
not hard to leave


burnt rose

she said goodbye
with a wry smile

i was not bad enough
to tear her from her
spirit guides


puff puff pass

away your pain
do it today
i have

‘cause even if
you give your all
every good is
bound to fall


moth light

pray tell me stories
pray tell me tales
beauties of ages

glorious and gone

curse all my worries
curse all my wails
pain, though once pent up

glorious and gone



Sometimes I feel invisible or like
I exist only in someone’s subconscious.

Like, what if I’m not real
I mean, what if I’m just a part
of someone’s reality.
Or what if this is just
someone’s nightmare, Because
I’m definitely not living a dream.

I mean, I know for sure
there could be infinite alternate realities
to every reality.

My reality isn’t convincing enough.


goth king


do you think
my black nails are
simply superficious

my dark soul
is simply maleficient
i am something
more than, just magnificent

even my girl knows i am far from normal


mad lullabies

i do not sing often
i have ever fewer true friends
than the digits on any human hand
i understand but do not fear the
darkness, you claim maddens you …


clipped wings

i am far from icarus
i am far from heaven sent
down to darkness, i seem bent

on falling headfirst
i must paint this lest i repent
carve a rose in ink on my chest

maybe then the world will know
no every savior need be a saint


never repeat

speak twice no more
third time, is the charm
i just fell once more
felt the thirst for the nicotine
damn : few things hurt so


more than man

i fall not to repeat my sin
i bathe in Hades’ river
to rinse my mind clean

the calmness of Olympus
seems to me to be but
ordered chaos

how can gods sit upon
a mound of stone
and call it home


rare evening dove

few are truly honest
fewer, yet still calm

most are aged yet young within
my dove is young, yet aged without

smart as the anvil near Vulcan’s flame
she wears her thoughts with no drop of shame

if i am the heat of an ancient desert
she is the smoothest singing palm


nicotine sanity

a cigarette a
day, keeps the doctor away
… or so i dare say


tell them

words of warmth
if it will make them
pause and believe

words of war …
if it will make them
rise and acheive

if it will make them
act and perceive
words of warning


choir noir

the anthem

it hums in silence
should i ignore it

or let it sink it
it mocks me, and
at my pain, laughs softly


hungry revolutionary

he wanders on the field
for the bread of peace

walking into
the enemy’s den

unafraid of hell
for from a heaven, he fell


les jacques

like in a tale
of two cities
the spirit
worships two deities

  1. one of patience
  2. one of angst

against and for
the soul they fight


dumb lead

the music of reality
rarely parts my lips

i wander ‘cross ancient galaxies
collecting teardrops of skylight
will it all amount to aught

i am the dumb lead
in an opera, take heed


caramel blunders

and melanin wonders
envelope my
youthful soul

in parts, in whole
i smile and thole

excuse the grammar my heart does stammer


remembering normal

the absence of thought
is not a thing in itself

blink mentally
remember normality
it is a gift for the mundanity
you offered to bleed gold


no sleep

i am numb

i am cold now
from dipping my soul in lofty icy depths

i catch swift breaths
of redemption
as i slip
ever deeper into
holy perdition


who i am in truth

is no more than a shade
than a blunt yet sharpened blade

rare as the ancient jade
silver when it sold the son of god

i but banter
i am but a semi-righteous being



you cannot control me
you would
have to understand
first, which you do not

i am not your boy


All Dark Hurt Darling

a boy named ransom


a chance at love by the holy
told that i was nothing
by the ugly and the lowly
and i have believed them all

i ought now to bolden up
and firmly stand tall
i shall explain my soul no more
i shut now the last door


believe you will never
come across a star like me
even i do not know
my full glow

i need to press it harder
into the furnace of life
hit it on the anvil
of madness and strife

i am gifted
twisted and blistered
a purple diamond
i will earn a galaxy


God forgot to make a mate for me
he or she decided
i do not deserve companionship

no love sticks, my heart is bark
yet i have been burdened
with a soul of sap

of honey golden running impure
able to see love but never sure

if i was meant to be happy
then this numbness in me
ought not to be a reality

f*ck it all

let me down
let me fall
taste the dust
i will never call
out for help
not anymore

i have waited too long
at love’s door

ugly duckling

i am kin to none
in truth, in fact

my species have laughed
when i tried to look back
leave me in my misery

i am not dark
just the opposite of white

wolf abuse

puppy dog love
turns to wolf abuse

come not to me
when he does refuse

nothing is ever worth, feeling anything

perhaps i was too cocky
and the lord thus decided
to shock me

nothing is ever worth, feeling anything


i miss the former days
when life passed in a daze

and i knew never time
nor place

just after i fell
like a dark angel
falselly accused

from grace


bullsh*t they try
to feed me on the steady

for the new god
no one can be ready

my manner is bloody
ruddy and cold


my reality

it takes an insect
in my eye to make me weep

and a prescribed pill to make me sleep

i gamble with machinations
foster calculations
just so, i do not feel like sheep


i knew her for half a second
that was enough
she is the last
in a recent rapid succession

to ignore my love
and my soul rebuff

she had a
rapid fire spirit
bright as the sun, was she …
she was my new religion
i stood at her pulpit

now i know
i can never serve
the god king of love

nerd for life

i have used up
two blue ink pens
during these exams

of life: reality tutors me
i obey my teacher alone
i cannot stop

nothing changes

i made my lips sweet
for a convo that never held

for a spluttering sparrow
of a bird
to become in a triangle
an unwilling third

i still cannot share my love

good night

nothing can improve
for a star-crossed poet

i am fuzzy inside
but never show it
my pain must turn to profit



i Need No muse
i have dropped every ruse
i am
… … plaiN aNd cold
i am
… … mad aNd bold

the blessed

come across love
the holy
draw Near to god

Nothing is to me
a source of joy
or vaiN

from Needless mirth
arouNd me, refraiN

capitalized N

for Ninte
for kNowledge
and for
my saNity

i am an aviaN
flyiNg across a cloud
Noir aNd full of storms


i feel nothing
i am a star
out of place

not joy, not anger
truly not even pain


drops of gold
out of my heart
out of my soul

i hear the laughter
of the angels that do weep
i do not blink
i can not sleep

2 shots

down from on high
shot like a fool
into the ground

went back for
more pain
hurt again

take this not
for weakkness
i remain a titan

bae book

snap boy

he took my picture
i am after
his girl

i will get her
she spins on her toes

him a snap boy
me a bad man
my mind is no safe toy

ants in a coda bottle

lick up
all the joy
you sober fighter

do not hesitate
take what is left

do your best

pass the test
of sweetness
and sobriety
get high on your soul

do your best


is a rhythm
sadness: is a game

my soul
is free and complex

yet still intact


i speak
in the language
of pain sweet


effortlessly, i cut
through souls
like they are butter

yet still, though
my heart is a gutter

i breathe in gasps
i talk in riddles
so my muse believes me


a, b, c
1, 2, 3
i am a king
and a knave indeed


an adviser she
claims to be, but she knows
she is more with me


she wore a dress
colder than reality

closer to sanity
is she, than i

for her i aim to fly
but i have no wings
thus i must fall


exposed to the sun
naked like a maiden
or a mind unborn

you were a palace of madness
you are nothing but a ruin
but a dream now

was it sinful
that i did not come so often
to worship, before you fell?

the show

we are on the waves
surfing, but never drowning
screaming but never shouting
speaking from our souls

we keep it simple
open and unspoken
moving agendas,
shinying shields, and blades
mental precision

the show is more than the mic spit
we pilot the art - this is the cockpit

on the steady
clearly ready
nothing bloddy
dirty logic

we are the new scientists
ancient like kings
postmodern relics

we are the new preachers
teaching the soft religion
moving like ghosts
walking like wolves
we are the new magicians

the show is more than the mic spit
we pilot the art - this is the cockpit

we know all our brothers
we rock all the borders
we are up in the air
like bluebirds

of all the cool faces
we make up two-thirds
we are aiming for greatness
we do what we want to
there is nothing holding us back


why can i never
relay as in ink
my words, in person - sharper

the faults i feel i have
i have told them to you
you should not remember

never bother
the humble and shy
are not oft recalled

who i need to be

a man

first and foremost
thus, i need a companion

no one can truly breathe alone

teach me to roam
across the brightest part
of Hades’ sky

so i can be the one for you

love galore

i can be loyal
i need someone
to be so for

leave me when you feel
nothing again
do not just drift
like golden dust, again
let me know - then


keep you joyful
but i
have no sweet tooth
even if, the first soul
i ever brushed was a gem

melt upon me
sigh atop me
keep it simple
blunt and free

deaf man words

you might not like
my ways, my sayings
my thoughts and ideas

but never doubt my
arithmetic rhythm
always and forever

i will prove a deaf man
spitting on the sun
cold words


last page

no more stories
to tell

it is unentertaining
how often
i have fallen

one last hurrah
for the trip in the sky

the bravest ones
never win

and surely too
those farthest from the truth
never lie

soul food

age your ideas
finer than wine

upon your soul
feast and dine
you are all you require


when the
time comes

i will
feed my

its proper
a bullet


what i have to say

for now

the pain is a game
a two minute race
without face
without pace

its a mental mirage
that burns from within
it soothes too, i must confess

herein lies the truth
of my pathetic sin


i burn bars
not for ectasy

but to reclaim
the key to reality
my once sober clarity
my weak hold on vanity

better already

do i swim or wade through life
seek out bitter, endless strife

neither in truth
i drown each day

in the pool
of my mind’s tear


thoughts imaginary
i pull out
of my magic black hat
with a rabid white rabbit

there is no
saving me
from make-believe


often, and with care
without reflection
or a drop of fear

never ignorant
getting goals accomplished
evaluate all
regardless of where



i dropped out to focus
and study more
and mentally soar

you knock on the door
for the encore
i fly, for the high

i never sleep
for in the heavens
you cannot snore

dar es salaam

raised in the city
of peace, and chapati

went to the ocean
when i wanted
worked on walls
white - with graffiti

create, debate

art is argument
art is peace

release, now
your next work
like it is
you last bow

in truth

i am nothing
just a shell
just for show

dark warm snow
am i. Nothing else
nothing mo’

mo’ money
mo’ monkey biz

other poets

are better than me
simpler, you see
free as can be

with regard to myself,
i know

my depth is shallow at best

to my future love


is a seed
that does
not just grow

first you sow
then you mend

on and on
without end

i will give
you will take
just do not



come at me always
with the heat
of pure fire

never relent
in loving
and i too
will never
in adoring

want me

its not complex
truly simple
you and me

want and need
not me indeed

but the passion
you and i
know i breed


on the way
you once did walk
before i passed
you my cross

blanched as chalk
is my soul
with a center
full of melanin


i tire
of waiting

of skating
on the fence

of relating
with pagans

full of pretence

bitter blunt

you sting
and whisper
a tale of death

but im not coughing
but im not choking
i accept it


just because

lets do nothing
just because

life is a game
you catch
and toss


do not like me
if you wish
that does not matter

just do not speak
behind my back
i hear your chatter

i taste sweet
ask your soul
i am a honeyed black adder


come to me

in a dream
smile and dance

leave me be
if you can

in a dream
smile and dance


god bless
my magic yellow pill

for drowning out
the pain surreal

thank you lov*
for being real



a stranger asked
“are you okay?”

no friend can stand
with me by day

ask not why i repress my pain
leave me this way



i am alone
that ought not
to be stated

yet i save
those i can
from falling

i am no saint
yet still,

the punisher

guerrilla warrior
sweeper of deceit

nothing poetic
breathing crooked
pure artistry

anger is a weapon
i know too well

john constantine

chain smoker
my pain is hidden
in a box

demon caller
i know my faults

not worthy of a lover
i lie to all
leave me be



all in turns
no pain burns

walk on edges
fly off rooftops
all to run away
from love


true poetry
they do not
feel your truth

true love
they do not
want your warmth

true peace
they do not
seek your girth


del ray

lana knows my soul

i guess
i think
i cannot know

lana knows my soul

she breathes
pure gold
yet wants nothing

lana knows my soul


could love not be
direct as smoke

straight as a tree
other than
full of glee

why do we
claim we know
what we do not

guns and roses



lack of

the absence
of sleep
means not

the lack
of love
means not

nothing can
fill a thing
that is nothing

cold poetry

look not
into my eyes
i cannot look back

look not
into my soul
its kind of wack

my poems
hardly rhyme nowadays
now thats a fact

do not

do not look
do not see
do not feel
do not speak

there is no point

do not love
do not hug
do not smile
do not reach

there is no point

do not wonder
do not ask
do not bother
do not sigh

i am nue nue


no one can

see this
i will no try

i cannot cry,
will not be
heard when i die

care for
a half-broken soul


i cannot be
happy in the
true sense

there is a
rhythm to joy
i might
never learn

the way

that i feel
is not so deep
not so complex

not so slick
as a tick

yet i strive
for no reason
for a season
of spring

my mind beats

balanced and grotesque

like a jungle
i think candide

of my heart
i need it to feel

… i need a muse

offers were up
down to the ground

no one can hear
my soul’s very sound

i tire of speaking
painting, and explaining

the pits of my being
and broken lofty peaks